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The steam in this picture is created by...

the exothermic reaction of the Burnt lime (CaO) making contact with the wet soil and starting to burn off the moisture, which in turn allows the soil to become more friable and compactable.

The steam is the first reaction i.e. wet soil/lime makes steam.

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Soil Stabilisation

Physical, Chemical, Mechanical, Biological or Combined Methods change the natural soil to meet an engineering purpose, increasing the shear strength & enhancing bearing capacity of soil.

New techniques create hydrophobic surfaces and mass that prevent road failure from water penetration or heavy frosts.

Dramatically reduce lorry journeys for the removal of existing soil by up to 85% with huge benefit to the environment.

Retaining the original soil eliminates the need for mass excavation, lowering the quantity of aggregate import, giving a positive cost benefit!

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