About Us

Sussex Stabilisation Group Ltd is a family business based near Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

We carry out accurate soil analysis testing, as this is key to achieve the correct results for creating the load bearing capacity required.

We have established a market concentrating on the stabilisation of predominately cement stabilisation to sub base specification, in most cases this layer becomes the wearing course.

Soil stabilisation a general term for any physical, chemical, mechanical, biological or combined method of changing a natural soil to meet an engineering purpose.

Stabilisation makes soil more stable by reduction in the permeability, compressibility and with increase in shear strength; it makes the soil more stable thus enhancing bearing capacity of soil. These new stabilising techniques create hydrophobic surfaces and mass that prevent road failure from water penetration or heavy frosts by inhibiting the ingress of water into the treated layer.

Soil Stabilisation can dramatically reduce lorry journeys for the removal of the existing soil which is already present on a site, to offsite movements by up to 85%. Not only does this have a benefit to the environment by significantly reducing the carbon footprint, to retain the original soil in situ eliminating the need for mass excavation and significantly lowers the quantity of aggregate import, it also has a big impact of cost benefit

soil stabilisation